Robert Mowers, Pharm.D., BCPS

Resident Class 2017-2018:

Alex Park, Pharm.D., MBA

The University of California, Davis Health System, Department of Pharmacy is offering a one-year Pharmacy Practice Residency with an emphasis in Medication Policy Development.

UC Davis Health System offers many opportunities for both clinical and didactic teaching. The resident will be responsible for assisting preceptors with clerkship teaching for University of California, San Francisco pharmacy students and University of the Pacific Students. In addition, the resident will participate in staff development/education (nursing, pharmacy, medical students, house staff) and provide routine patient education. The resident will also be required to complete a research project during their residency and present their research at the Western States Residency Showcase.


  1. To develop skills applying drug information and medication use management in a health system.
  2. To develop medication policy at a teaching university and within a physician medical group setting.

Rotation Opportunities

Rotations will be tailored to suit the resident’s individual goals and interests with an emphasis in:

  • Developing and implementing medication use management policies in a university teaching hospital and physician medical group.
  • Participating on the University P&T Committee.
  • Participating on a provider owned HMO P&T Committee.
  • Develop evidence-based medicine monographs for internal an external utilization.
  • Acute and Ambulatory patient care rotations are available.