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Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics

Communities & Health Professionals Together

Pediatric Director, CHPT: Albina Gogo, M.D.

The Communities & Health Professionals Together (CHPT, formerly Communities & Physicians Together) is a longitudinal training experience that creates a unique opportunity for pediatric residents to experience community-based child advocacy and community partnership building. 

residents in the community

residents and community leaders

Our Mission

"Communities & Health Professionals Together (CHPT) strives to give every individual a healthy present and future by teaching healthcare professionals, both in training and in practice, how to make a difference through active community partnerships."

Our Work

Founded in 1999, Communities and Health Professionals Together (CHPT) began as an informal service-learning partnership between multiple Sacramento based community organizations and the UC Davis Department of Pediatrics. The program has grown into a multifaceted and multidisciplinary collaboration; fostering medical outreach, child advocacy, and community service in young physicians.

We aim to improve child health outcomes throughout the Sacramento region by 1) increasing resident physicians’ understanding of the social determinants of health and 2) providing tools for engaging in reciprocal partnerships with local organizations via the lens of Asset Based Community Development.

These aims are accomplished through a combination of:

  • Didactic teaching sessions.
  • Weeks spent in the community visiting and learning about local resources and identifying existing community assets.
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of a sustainable community health project in partnership with a local community organization.

Resident Impact

Find out more about the fantastic work pediatric residents have done in partnership with the community by visiting our project library.

Contact Us - Residency
You can reach us by calling (916) 734-2428 or by e-mail to