Chair's Office

Lydia Howell, M.D., is the department's chair and can be reached at (916) 734-3330.


Erica Padilla is the Chief Administrative Officer and can be reached at (916) 734-3032 / 3005

Wendy Widmann is the Anatomic Pathology Manager and can be reached at (916) 734-6324.

Ralph Almazan is the Laboratory Information System Supervisor and can be reached at (916) 734-7368.

Amalia Castañeda is the SARC/Client Service Manager and can be reached at (916) 734-7597.

A laboratory supervisor can be reached at any time at (916) 734-3021.

Quality and Performance Improvement

Tina Cox is the quality improvement manager and can be reached at (916) 734-2112.

Provide coordination and staff support for the Pathology Committee for Continuous Performance Improvement and technical advice for quality control and improvement monitoring activities of the department.

Point-of-Care Testing

Nancy Lambuth is the POCT Supervisor and can be reached at (916) 734-8106 / (916) 762-5221.

Control and monitoring of laboratory testing by non-laboratory personnel. This includes but is not limited to routine quality control, equipment maintenance, technical consultation and troubleshooting, test standardization, training and evaluation of new testing technology.

Regulatory Affairs

A library of applicable regulatory and accrediting agency rules and regulations as well as pending or proposed laws and regulations are maintained. The department provides detailed information, guidance, interpretation and follow up.

Laboratory Inspection and Accreditation

Erica Padilla and Tina Cox coordinate inspection and accreditation application, site visits and maintain files on inspection and accreditation requirements, guidelines, findings and documentation of corrective action.

Proficiency Testing

Ensure participation and monitor performance in approved proficiency testing programs. Currently, UC Davis Health System participates in the following programs:

  • American Proficiency Institute (API)
  • California Thoracic Society (Blood Gases)
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • North American Specialized Coagulation Laboratory Association (NASCOLA)