CONGRATULATIONS – Drs. Kost, Polage and Lee

  • Dr. Gerald Kost received a grant in the amount of $285,000 for a project titled, "Rapid Multipathogen Detection for POCT and National Disaster Readiness" from the National Institute of Health, Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.


  • Dr. Chris Polage was awarded the Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Pilot Award in the amount of $60,000. Dr. Polage's grant proposal was ranked #1 from three outside reviewers. His project was titled, "Laboratory Based Case Control Study of the Relationship Between Clostridium difficile and Cytomegalovirus in Hospitalized Patients with Diarrheal Illness."


  • Dr. Sunny Lee was awarded $10,000 pilot grant for her project titled,"Endophytes: An Untapped Natural Product Source of Cytotoxic Agents."