Clinical Pastoral Services at UC Davis Medical Center provides pastoral and spiritual care services to patients, their families, and staff members in times of physical, emotional and spiritual crisis in a manner that is sensitive to race, gender, and religious traditions. 

Welcome to Clinical Pastoral Services at UC Davis Medical Center. The ministry of the Clinical Pastoral Services is well integrated throughtout the Medical Center. The staff has developed a growing reliance upon and appreciation of the education and training involved in the CPE process.

Chaplains have an active and visible presence in the clinical areas of the Medical Center. The Chaplains care for the staff as spiritual leaders (pastoral care providers) while maintaining collegial relationships as learners. The atmosphere allows for a rich learning environement as CPE students are involved with patient visitation, interdisciplinary team meetings, and responding to crises and deaths.

The history of UC Davis Medical Center and its ACPE CPE program reveals a commitment to a common mission and values that has served to provide a strong learning environment for CPE Chaplains.