Parking News

April 12, 2018

Carpool and Green Commuter Spaces Added

Carpools with three or more employees have previously been given reserved parking spaces, but our two person carpools have not.  That’s changing! As part of our effort to increase our carpools and reduce the number of drive alone vehicles, Parking & Transportation Services has created new reserved carpool parking. These spaces are open to everyone who carpools! Whether it’s a carpool with two, three or even four employees. We have also added some Green Commuter spaces that will require a displayed Green Commuter Permit for those days our Green Commuters just have to drive. Carpool and Green Commuter spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Twenty-two new carpool spaces have been installed in Lots 21, 18 and 12. They include carpool spaces for all size carpools and Green Commuter spaces for those days you have to drive alone and use the Green Commuter permit. Each space is marked, please make sure to read the signs!

Do you want to know how you can get into one of those spaces? Join a carpool! Don’t know where to begin? Contact our TDM Specialist! 

Sarah Janus (

For more information, visit parking news and events.

Patient & Visitor Parking

A range of parking options are available for UC Davis Medical Center patients and visitors, depending on the length and nature of your visit.


Patient & Visitor Parking Areas:

The cost to park in all locations is the same: $2 per hour (or fraction thereof) with a maximum charge of $12 per day. Please note, however, that some areas have maximum stay time limits.

Courtesy Shuttle:

UC Davis Health’s courtesy shuttle provides free, convenient connections to various hospital and clinic services on the Sacramento campus, such as the main hospital, the Ellison Ambulatory Care Center or "ACC," the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Kiwanis and Ronald McDonald houses.