Nursing Professional Practice Model Environment of Care Relationship-Based Care Relationship-Based Care Relationship-Based Care Structures Processes Optimal Patient Outcomes

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Core Values

The nurses of UC Davis Health System employ a code of ethics upon which we base our daily practice. Ethics, what we believe, is the foundation of our practice as nurses. Our beliefs stem from several places: ANA code of ethics, our organizational values and our personal values.

The ANA, nurse’s professional organization, gives us 9 provisions or ethical obligations (PDF). The ANA Code of Ethics guides our behaviors and relationships with patients, families and community. In addition, the nursing department at UC Davis Health System has identified a collective set of beliefs guiding our daily practice.  Consistent with the ANA Code of Ethics, it further defines those values important to the institution. These are found in the nursing mission statement, vision statement and philosophy.

Individual nurses also come into this profession and practice at UC Davis Health System with a personal set of ethics and beliefs. There are common themes in what we believe to be true and right in our practice of Relationship Based Care. In our practice here we are guided by our belief in our patients, advocating, honoring and incorporating the patient’s and families’ values are important to the foundation of our practice. UC Davis nurses also believe in knowledge, not only teaching our patients, but mentoring each other. Using our knowledge for the betterment of all; patients, families, nurses and others within the organization.

At UC Davis Health System, we hold common beliefs of who we are as an individual and a profession. This is based on our common values: accountability, altruism, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, and self-motivation.

Science and Knowledge

We believe in creating an environment that promotes professional learning, growth, and development. Building upon the foundation provided by the California Nurse Practice Act and the American Nurses Association Scope and Standards of Professional Practice, UC Davis Health System nurses believe we have a responsibility to continue to pursue both knowledge and skills to advance our practice throughout our career.  In support of this aim several programs and opportunities are made available to UC Davis Health System nurses including the Nurse Residency Program for new graduates, ongoing mentorship in the clinical practice, leadership, and research, nursing development curriculum offered through the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing, academic courses offered through the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, and availability of professional development funding to support nursing staff participation in professional conferences. Additionally the nursing research program and opportunities for involvement on several interprofessional committees provide avenues for nurses to participate in research and implement evidence-based practice.


Nurses at UC Davis Health System have multiple resources available to provide optimal patient care. As part of a leading university nurses in UC Davis Health System have access to the latest research, cutting edge technology, and opportunities for consultation with experts in a variety of health related fields. We are able to utilize these resources in providing excellent patient care through staffing levels that meet or exceed the California mandated requirements. On a shift to shift basis these staffing levels are further determined by a patient acuity system.  Input from direct care nursing staff on a bi-annual basis keeps this system relevant to current patient care needs. A robust electronic health record system allows for seamless communication and collaborative documentation by the interprofessional team. Direct care nursing staff is able to advocate for necessary resources through participation in the professional governance structure.


As UC Davis Health System nurses, we honor our patients by acknowledging and respecting their cultural beliefs, values, and ideals. We value each person as a unique and true individual who is deserving of our time, expertise, and compassion. We respect our patients and their family’s autonomy through welcoming them as full partners in every aspect of their care.  We strive to hear their voice in planning their care to maintain the patient’s dignity and build a trusting, respectful relationship with each patient regardless of their situation. We commit to building relationships with our colleagues using the same principles of caring and respect we provide to our patients. As a professional nurse and individual we will nurture ourselves so that we may nurture those who are in our care.