Optimal Patient Outcomes

Nursing Professional Practice Model Environment of Care Relationship-Based Care Relationship-Based Care Relationship-Based Care Structures Processes Optimal Patient Outcomes

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As UC Davis Health System nurses our optimal goal is to provide individualized, holistic patient and family centered care.  This is accomplished through developing caring relationships with our patients and amilies, individualizing the care we provide, and empowering and respecting our patients and families so that their beliefs and values are incorporated in that individualized plan of care.


 As UC Davis Health System nurses we provide high quality, holistic care to the patient through collaboration on performance improvement initiatives, implementation of evidence based practice, and adherence to clinical practice standards. Collaboration is a key component in cultivating a positive working relationship among the healthcare team which allows for identification of opportunities for ongoing improvement in performance. Working as an active and valued member of interprofessional teams, as UC Davis Health System nurses we contribute to identification of opportunities, establishing goals and leading change to support safety, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, and equitability in meeting goals and in providing excellent patient and family centered care.


As UC Davis Health System nurses we highly value competency, which incorporates knowledge and skills obtained through both formal educational opportunities and clinical experience. Having the required knowledge to educate the patient and family regarding their health carries a high importance in empowering the patient and family to actively participate in planning their ongoing care. Being present and creating a culture of safety through reassurance, compassion, active listening, interprofessional communication and teamwork foster the values that UC Davis Health System nurses find essential in providing excellent, safe care.  In this atmosphere of trust between colleagues, UC Davis Health System nurses are able to effectively advocate for patient safety.

Nurses at UC Davis Health System believe strongly in the profession of nursing and uphold that honor and responsibility on a daily basis in their interactions with patients, families and one another.