Patient Centered Care - Practice Model California Nurse Practice Act

As RNs we practice under the rules and regulations of the California Nurse Practice Act. The practice of professional nursing includes independent nursing functions, interdependent functions and delegated medical functions which may be performed in collaboration with other health team members or may be delegated by the professional nurse to other nursing personnel.

The Code of Ethics
Nursing’s Code of Ethics is the promise that we as RNs are doing our best to provide care for our patients and communities, supporting each other in the process so that all RNs can fulfill their ethical and professional obligations.

The American Nursing Association Scope and Standards of Practice
The Scope and Standards of Practice identifies levels of performance to characterize, measure, and provide guidance for achieving excellence in practice. Clear delineation is made for the practice expectations of the Professional (RN), Advanced (APRN), and Vocational (LVN) nurse. The Standards reflect the values and priorities of the profession, based on research and knowledge, and describe the full range of practice outlining the expectations of the professional role within which all RNs must practice.

Nurses’ Bill of Rights
We as RNs promote and restore health, prevent illness, and protect the people entrusted in our care. We work to alleviate the suffering experienced by individuals, families, groups and communities. In doing so, we provide services that maintain respect for human dignity and embrace the uniqueness of each patient and the nature of his or her health problems, without restriction with regard to social or economic status. 

Primary Nursing
Primary Nursing is the care delivery system that best supports professional nursing practice. The focus is on the nurse-patient relationship, strengthens accountability for care, and facilitates patient and family involvement in the planning of care. Our care delivery system allows the Primary Nurse to establish a therapeutic relationship with each patient and family. High quality nursing care that is individualized to a particular patient and administered compassionately, competently, and with continuity is achieved through Primary Nursing.

Nurses have a variety of resources available to provide optimal patient care. As part of a leading academic medical center, we have access to the latest research and cutting edge technology. Nurses have opportunities to consult with experts in a variety of health related fields such as: chaplains, child life, food and nutrition services, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, physicians, respiratory therapy, social workers and speech therapy.

Nurses have autonomy to provide holistic approaches such as: essential oils, music therapy, pet therapy, and the HUSH (Help Us Support Healing) initiative.