Patient Centered Care - Practice Model Professional Growth and Development
Nurses at UC Davis Medical Center believe in creating an environment that promotes professional learning, growth, and development. We view learning as a life-long process, which is essential to the professional nurse striving to deliver optimal patient care in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. In order to put this belief into action, UC Davis is committed in providing financial support for continuing education, tuition reimbursement, specialty certification and dissemination of professional information at national/international conferences for its nurses.

Clinical Expertise
Obtaining nursing specialty certification through professional nursing organizations is encouraged and supported through financial support and course offerings. Nurses are recognized monthly for their nursing specialty certification which contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Evidence-Based Practice
Nurses integrate the best practice evidence and clinical expertise to guide nursing care to achieve optimal outcomes. The IOWA Model of Evidence-Based Practice Revised methodology is used to promote Excellence in Health Care.

Nurses contribute in activities to support clinical inquiry and participate in or conduct nursing research. The Center for Nursing Research promotes the development of nursing science and its use in practice. UC Davis nurses receive mentorship, education, and support from experienced researchers as they conduct their studies and/or evidence-based practice projects.

Nurse Sensitive Indicators
Nursing-sensitive indicators reflect the outcome of professional nursing care. Patient outcomes such as pressure ulcers, falls, CLABSI and CAUTI, improve when nurses are engaged to providing the highest nursing care possible. UC Davis Medical Center submits data to Vizient, National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and other databases to examine our practice in comparison to other organizations.

Performance Improvement
Nurses use a patient-centered approach to performance improvement, designed to bring multiple disciplines together to evaluate and improve care focused on pertinent patient processes or functions. The Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) problem solving methodology serves as an organizational framework to facilitate improvement. Our ultimate goal is improved patient outcomes through improved patient care processes. Value Stream and Lean Six Sigma provide additional tools and methods of performance improvement processes that are used to enhance patient outcomes.

As health care leaders, all RNs value innovation by seeking new and better ways to provide patient care. This introduction of new ideas, methods, or devices results in a continuous progressive transformation of nursing practice. Through our innovative methods and projects, RNs at UC Davis Medical Center continue to raise the bar of professional nursing practice.