Congratulations to Holly Kidd

I had surgery in the Main Operating Room at UC Davis Medical Center. As a retired nurse with decades of experience in the ICU, OR, PACU and Magnet Program, I gave many hours of thought prior to deciding to have this surgery. I admit to having more than a little anxiety.

Throughout my entire stay, every single person on your team was professional and kind, inspiring confidence.

One nurse helped me in such a profound way that I am inspired to write to you and tell you about my experience. I arrived in the operating room fairly awake. The anesthesiologist or anesthesia resident explained that I would feel cricoid pressure. I became suddenly terrified that the team was planning an awake intubation. I sat up and asked what the plan was. At that moment Holly Kidd, RN came to my side and through her calm caring presence reassured me. She sat at my side until I was asleep. I know that in the OR, there are hundreds of technical details for which a nurse is responsible, but in that moment, I needed to know that my nurse understood my fears and was going to make sure that I felt safe. Holly somehow in the midst of all other duties provided the presence that I needed. I am very grateful to her and wish to share with you all the incredible power of her caring presence. Thank you Holly!