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Department of Neurological Surgery

Department of Neurological Surgery

The Sacramento Area

The Sacramento metropolitan area is the largest urban area in North Central California, with a population of over 1.5 million people. As the capitol of California, Sacramento, is the focus of the state government and the center for California's number one industry, agriculture. The recently renovated Capitol building and surrounding park are the center of the downtown commercial and retail development hub. Recent accelerated growth can be attributed to Sacramento's ideal climate, varied recreational opportunities, expanding job base, and affordable housing as compared to other areas in the state. Sacramento is the sixth fastest growing city in the United States, but has retained the charm and convenience of less congested municipal areas.

Known as the Camellia City, Sacramento has many old houses set on wide, tree-lined streets, and has a wide variety of housing accommodations located in rural or urban settings available for rent or purchase within close proximity to UC Davis Medical Center.

The American and Sacramento Rivers run through the city, and combined with several close-by recreational lakes providing opportunities for boating, water skiing, fishing and swimming. The American River Wilderness Parkway, with its 35-mile path and parks, offers a unique resource for bicyclists, joggers, fishing and bird watching. There are numerous parks, tennis courts, public swimming pools, and golf courses throughout the city.

Three junior colleges, one state university and the privately-owned National University are all located in the metropolitan area. Sacramento sponsors its own ballet company and symphony orchestra, besides bringing many outstanding performing groups. The Crocker Museum has a permanent exhibit of art pertaining to California history and the Sacramento region in particular, as well as special exhibits on a rotating basis. Sacramento is the home of the world's largest traditional jazz festival held annually in May, featuring many national and international jazz groups, and is the site of the State Fair, held annually during the last two weeks of August. In 1985, professional basketball arrived in the capital when the Sacramento Kings NBA team played its first season.

The climate in the valley has four seasons, but is very mild, with warm dry summers and an average annual rainfall of 17 inches. High temperatures range from 55 degrees in February to 105 in August. Sacramento is situated 90 miles equidistant from San Francisco to the southwest and Lake Tahoe to the east. Most of the major ski areas in California, including Squaw Valley, are located near Lake Tahoe. A variety of recreation environments, including the Monterey Coast, Yosemite Valley and 14,000 foot mountains are within a few hours drive. The Pacific Coast is two hours distance and the Napa Valley, the wine producing area, is one hour away.