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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (PDF)
Did you know that research has found that remarkable things can happen if parents and caregivers spent at least 15 minutes of undivided time a day listening and talking with their children? Research also tells us that children really do look to their parents and caregivers for advice and help about difficult choices and decisions.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities
NCLD recently announced the launch of an Anti-Bullying Toolkit! Developed in partnership with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, The Bully Project, AbilityPath, and Autism Speaks, the Anti-Bullying Toolkit is specifically designed to help the special needs audience navigate all aspects of bullying. Comprised of three separate modules-for parents, educators, students-the toolkit provides resources to confront bullying of children with special needs from all angles, from talking to your children, to knowing your rights, to teaching tolerance in schools.

Canine Assistance

Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Companions for Independence® provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge.  The most advanced technology capable of transforming the lives of people with disabilities has a cold nose and a warm heart!

Child Care

Child Action, Inc.
Child  Action, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation created in 1976 to provide for the education and social welfare of children and families by organizing, sponsoring and administering services to children.  We seek to augment and enhance the delivery of services for children rather than duplicate existing resources.

Child Action, Inc. is primarily funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, to provide subsidies and child care and development services to low income families. Child Action, Inc. adheres to all California Department of Education regulations governing child development programs, and operates in accordance with all State of California laws governing non-profit agencies.

Child Care Aware
Child Care Aware© is the nation's most respected hub of information for parents and child care providers.  A program of the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), Child Care Aware helps families learn more about the elements of high-quality child care and how to locate programs in their communities.
Child is a comprehensive online resource designed to link parents, child care providers, researchers, policymakers and the general public with Federal Government sponsored child care and early learning information and resources both quickly and easily.

Parent Voices Sacramento
Parent Voices is a parent-led grassroots organization fighting to make quality child care affordable and accessible to all families.  We are a rapidly growing chapter organization of parents in California.

Immunizations / Vaccines

Today, most children in the United States lead much healthier lives and parents live with much less anxiety and worry over infections during childhood. Immunizations are one of the success stories of modern medicine.

County of Sacramento Immunization Assistance Program
Website  provides information about immunizations and immunization services available to children and adults in the County of Sacramento. is a website to help you decide what type of wheelchair ramp is right for your specific situation.

Respite Care

Autism Speaks
You  deserve a break!  Having a family member with autism can be a challenge.  It's easy for families to get over-stressed as they deal with their family's needs, juggle medical and therapy appointments, and manage work and other responsibilities.

California Department of Development Services
Respite (In-Home) Services means intermittent or regularly scheduled temporary non-medical care and/or supervision provided in the person's home. In-Home Respite services are support services which typically include: Assisting the family members to enable a person with developmental disabilities to stay at home

  • Providing appropriate care and supervision to protect that person's safety in the absence of a family member(s)
  • Relieving family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of providing care
  • Attending to basic self-help needs and other activities that would ordinarily be performed by the family member(s). 

Volunteers of America

Encouraging Positive Development 

Volunteers of America provides high quality, innovative services for disadvantaged and disconnected children and youth. Through our caring staff and dedicated volunteers we ensure the social, emotional and academic development of young children, and empower older youth to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and ready to enter adulthood. Our programs provide a continuum of care and support for young people through prevention, early intervention, crisis intervention, and long-term services.



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