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Welcome to the UC Davis MIND Institute and Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (CEDD) resource page for Education



About Special Education

Local school districts are responsible for providing special education services to children 3 to 22 years of age.

Special Education is instruction specially designed to meet the unique needs of children who require some adaptation to the learning environment or instruction in order to learn.  To receive special education services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) must be written and reviewed regularly.  It describes educational needs, goals, and accomodations for the student.  The step-by step process includes a referral, an assesment, and an IEP meeting and placement.  Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires students with disabilities be given appropriate accomodations to learn in the least restrictive environment.

For Educators

This 15-unit, university-level program provides advanced coursework designed to help educators and licensed clinical professionals strengthen their clinical competencies and communicate effectively about characteristics, current research and evidence-based practices related to autism spectrum disorders.

Infant & Toddler


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

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