Robert F. Berman, Ph.D.

Robert F. Berman, Ph.D.Professor, Vice Chair and Director of Research, Department of Neurological Surgery, School of Medicine 
University of California Davis
1515 Newton Court
Davis, CA 95618


Phone:  530-754-5102

Dr. Berman, a neuroscientist whose research focuses on cellular mechanisms of brain injury, is currently examining the effects of neonatal toxin exposure on brain development and behavior.  This research is carried out in collaboration with the Center for Children’s Environmental Health.  His laboratory recently developed a set of behavioral testing procedures for evaluating social behaviors in rodents, an essential step in the development of useful models for the study of neurodevelopmental disorders like autism. Dr. Berman is also a member of the NeuroTherapeutics Research Institute (NTRI) at UC Davis that is studying the genetic disorder Fragile X-associated Tremor Ataxia (FXTAS).  Dr. Berman’s laboratory is using transgenic mice to model FXTAS in order to understand the underlying pathophysiology and to test novel therapeutics to improve neurological outcome in FXTAS.  Dr. Berman’s research and training activities have been funded by the NIH for the past 30 years, and his research is currently funded by NINDS and NIEHS.  He is currently Director of Research for the Neurotrauma Research Laboratories at UC Davis.


B.A., Microbiology, University of Utah, 1970
M.S., Physiological Psychology, University of Utah, 1974
Ph.D., Physiological Psychology, University of Utah, 1976
Postdoctoral Training, Neuroscience, Univ. North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 1977-1979