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Mentoring Academy

Mentoring Academy

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Mentoring Academy, UC Davis Health System, copyright of UC Regents
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Mentor-mentee agreements and IDP for junior faculty due:
  January 15, 2016
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Applications for general membership are now being accepted!


Develop the next generation of independent, highly successful academic faculty and advance the UC Davis schools of health.


Reorient the culture of the institution to support, reward, and enhance quality mentoring in the human health sciences.


Mission Chart of the Mentoring Academy: UC Davis Health System
  • Create an environment that values and supports the essential role of mentoring in research and in career progression
  • Establish a comprehensive, innovative mentoring program based on best practices that fosters and advances personal, professional, and institutional growth
  • Develop and implement a reward and recognition system that acknowledges and clarifies expectations for mentoring service and superior mentoring

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