Shawn Rasmussen

Safety Officer
School of Medicine, Nursing Education and Research, Sacramento Campus
916-703-9182 (0ffice)
916-761-7582 (Cell)
916-703-9140 (Fax)

Veronica Thron

Safety Officer
School of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Genome Center, Davis Campus
530-752-9996 (Office)
530-304-0006 (Cell)
530-752-1829 (Fax)

Training Requirement Document (PDF)

Table of Contents


Statement of Safety Commitment (PDF)
Schools of Health
Education & Research


Emergency Action and Evacuation Plan (EAP) (PDF) *Updated: July 2018

Department Contacts (PDF) *Updated: March 2018

Buildings Occupied by Department (PDF)

Evacuation Maps (PDF)

Emergencies (PDF)

Emergency Response Guide (PDF)

UCDH Emergency Response Guide (PDF)

Bomb Threat call procedures card (PDF)

Active Shooter pocket card (PDF)

Recovery Plan (PDF) *Updated: March 2018


Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) (PDF) *Updated: July 2018

Injury Reporting Procedure (PDF)

Department Contacts (PDF) *Updated: March 2018

Biological Hazards (PDF)

Chemical Hazards (PDF)

Physical Hazards (PDF)

Radiation Hazards (PDF)

Hazard Alert Form (PDF)

JSA Office-Computer Work (PDF)

JSA Clinical Labs (PDF)

JSA Research Labs (PDF)

JSA Field Research Labs (PDF)

JSA Animal (PDF)

Office Inspection Form (PDF)

Lab Inspection Form (PDF)

Accident Form (PDF)

Hazard Correction Report (PDF)

Employee Training Attendance Record(s) (PDF)

Incident Report (PDF)


UCD Laboratory Safety Manual v1.3  (PDF) *Updated: March 2018

Poster for PPE and Lab Attire (PDF)

Lab Coat Fitting Guidance (PDF)

Laboratory Specific Template for Chemical Safety (PDF)

Chemical Waste Disposal Guidelines (PDF)

Drain Disposal - Local Limits (PDF)

WastE-Hazardous Material Management (PDF)

Chemical Compatibility Storage Codes (PDF)

Stanford Chemical Storage (PDF)

GHS Pictogram (PDF) 


CIS-CUPA Information (PDF)

CUPA Self-Audit Checklist (PDF)

Hazard Communication Poster (PDF) *Updated: March 2018

Hazard Communication Program (PDF)

Hazardous Materials Management 290-27 (PDF)


Aerosol Transmissible Pathogen Control Plan (PDF)

Campus Wide Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (PDF) *Updated: March 2018

Lab Specific BBP-ECP Factsheet (PDF) *Updated: April 2018


UCD Medical Waste Management Plan (PDF)

UCDH Medical Waste Information Site-specific (PDF)

SOM Medical Waste Information Page (PDF)

CDPH Compliant Medical Waste Practices (DOCX)

Biohazard Waste Flow Chart (PDF)

Biohazardous Spill Cleanup (PDF)


UCDH individual Training Template (PDF)

EH&S Initial Training for New Personnel (DOCX)

Annual Safety Training Summary (PDF)

Lab Safety Review Checklist (PDF)


Website Link(s) (PDF)

Safety Reminders in a Research Laboratory (PDF)

Right to Know posting (PDF)

Eyewash and Fire Extinguisher Calendar (Davis Campus only) (PDF) *Updated: December 2017