Finding freedom in the new year

Set yourself up for 2017 success

2017 is in sight! You may be wondering what the year ahead will bring. Have you also asked yourself what you will bring to the New Year?

The right health tools can add value to your life by making beneficial habits and practices more effortless and even enjoyable. What tools and practices would allow you the freedom to be at your best health each day? This is a great time to take inventory of what aspects of your lifestyle best support your goals and identify any thinking patterns or habits your feel ready to leave behind.

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As you look to the year ahead, you may identify opportunities in your life to improve your diet and nutrition, watch your blood sugar or blood pressure, achieve a healthy weight, get a handle on depression, address chronic pain, better manage stress, or finally quit smoking.

Health Management and Education offers extensive resources to help empower you to better manage your health, including a learning library, ongoing classes, and personalized care coordination.

When planning your goals and resolutions keep in mind what is realistic to achieve so that you set yourself up for success. Be sure to acknowledge your achievements and lessons learned and make predictions about how new tools will make 2017 an even better year.

We all have our own unique path to take us to where we want to be—map yours out—identify the skills you picked up or developed along the way, and the ones you hope to develop in the near future. Support your plan with the help of a health professional, research and literature, or a mobile health app.

Most importantly, as you consider making your own personal resolutions for the coming year, remember to be kind to yourself. When you take the best possible care of yourself you will always be at your best for others as well.





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