Teddy’s Story 

Teddy Reynolds was born blind, his lenses covered by hereditary cataracts. UC Davis pediatric ophthalmologists began their years-long intervention to save his vision at just two months old.

The future looks bright

Meet Teddy Reynolds — a little boy with a bright future.

That future wasn't always as bright — like those in at least four generations of his family before him, Teddy was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes.

He would have been legally blind from birth, but thanks to eye surgeries when he was just two months old, specially fitted contact lenses and personalized care from his UC Davis Eye Center doctor, Teddy today enjoys swimming, soccer, Taekwondo, video games and learning to surf.

Mary A. O'Hara, M.D., Director, Pediatric Ophthalmology“Teddy will be able to do everything that every other child can do. He'll grow up to drive a car, he'll be able to do most occupations, he'll be able to use his eyes to explore the world.”
— Mary O'Hara, M.D., director of pediatric ophthalmology


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