Take a look at the many options below. When you find one that interests you, let us know. Click the PARTICIPATE button for the opportunity of your choice or the click link at the bottom of the page which will bring you to our Volunteer Interest Form.

Welcome Dinner for MS1s

Early in the academic year (between August and Thanksgiving) host a dinner at your home or a restaurant for 4 to 12 first-year students (MS1s) to welcome them to UCD SOM community. PARTICIPATE
Medical School Mentoring

Career Conversations

Come back to campus for an evening of candid conversation and Q and A with a group of 8-15 medical students. Share your insights and perspectives on the medical profession, and tell current students about your journey in medicine since graduation. This informal, round table discussion is normally held from 6-7:30 p.m., and a light dinner is hosted by the Alumni Office. PARTICIPATE

Specialty Nights

Are you local to the Sacramento area? Host a group of medical students at your office after hours. Open your lab, clinic or practice to students for a tour. Showcase your workplace and talk about your particular specialty within the context of your office. Provide a valuable overview of your career path since graduation, as well as the ins, outs, rewards and challenges of your work day-to-day. PARTICIPATE

The HOST Program

From the fall through the winter, 4th year students embark on a multitude of residency interviews. Travel and housing can quickly become a financial challenge. Be a host or a help to a student traveling to your area. Host a student overnight at your home, or, if you can’t provide a place to stay, offer to meet for coffee, a meal, show them around the area or just be a resource to answer questions. PARTICIPATE
Preceptor Consultation

Student-Run Clinic Preceptors

Volunteer your time as a preceptor at one of the ten student-run clinics in the Sacramento area. If you are interested in volunteering as an attending physician or donating to the cause, please call 916-734-4106. PARTICIPATE

Medical Education Partnership

Work with our Office of Medical Education and help to train the future physician workforce. Review the attached pdf Medical Education Partnership information for an overview of options, offering a variety of time commitments. PARTICIPATE

Doctoring Course

In the Sacramento region and have time available on a regular, on-going basis, to teach? Work with the Office of Medical Education to be a preceptor and/or teach a section of the Doctoring course, a key component of the curriculum for 1st through 3rd year students. PARTICIPATE

School of Medicine Alumni Association (SOMAA) Board of Directors

Serve on the SOMAA Board. In this leadership role you will work with the alumni engagement staff to ensure a robust and useful program for alumni of the School of Medicine. Meetings of the entire Board are held twice a year in fall and spring. For more information about the Board, see “About Us.” PARTICIPATE
Medical School Alumni Weekend

Regional Alumni Gatherings

Host and/or help to increase attendance at an alumni event in your area. Work with the office of Alumni Engagement to bring fellow medical alumni in your locale together to meet one another, network, and/or hear from leadership and faculty stars. PARTICIPATE

Class-specific Activities—Reunions and Alumni Weekend

Become a representative for your class. Rally your classmates to join in reunion activities and stay connected with their classmates and faculty mentors. Make phone calls or write an annual newsletter. Work with Alumni Engagement to keep your classmates involved and informed. PARTICIPATE
Dr. Freischlag and Students


Interested in being a mentor to a current medical student (or students)? Are you willing to share your experience and expertise and act as a resource—in person or virtually? Many students would relish the perspective of someone who has been in their shoes (albeit sometimes quite a few years ago) and is willing to talk with them periodically about their interests and address questions and concerns as they tackle the challenges they face as they progress through medical school. PARTICIPATE

Let us know your interests.

If you would like more detail on any of these opportunities or have other ideas for ways to become more involved with your medical alma mater, email ML Farrell, director of alumni engagement, or call 916-734-9408.