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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Health policy events

Health Policy Seminar (Fall Semester)

Lecture series throughout the fall semester. Presentations are coordinated by student groups (CMA/AMA/SSVMS and AMSA) and Dr. Patrick Romano and occur at noon or 5pm. Students are eligible for one credit and can re-take the class yearly.

Upcoming Lectures

Lecture Number Title Date Location (room) Speaker
1 Introduction to Health Policy Tues, 9/24 12-1 2222 Patrick Romano, M.D.
2 MICRA Tues, 10/8 12-1 2222 Darrin Latimore, M.D.
3 Soaring Costs of Health Care Tues, 10/15 12-1  2222 Paul Leigh, Ph.D.
4 Physician Payment/Payment Reform Tues, 10/22 12-1 2222 Richard Kravitz, M.D.
5 Escape Fire Screening + Discussion Tues, 10/29 5-7 pm 1204 Patrick Romano, M.D.
6 Global Health Inequities Tues, 11/5 12-1 2222 Douglas Gross, M.D.
 7 Obesity Prevention  Tues, 11/12 12-1  1222  Jeffery Rosenhall 
Access of Care for Mental Health Patients  Tues, 11/19, 12-1  1222 

Aimee Moulin, M.D. 

Autism/ADHD/Genetic Disorders Health Policy  Tues, 12/3, 12-1  2205 

Raymundo Lozano, M.D. 

10  Rural and Underserved Health Policy  Tues, 12/10 12-1  2222  Tom Nesbitt, M.D. 
11  TBA  Thurs., 12/12 12-1  2205  Neal Kohatsu, M.D. 
12  TBA       
13  TBA       
14  TBA       

Other health policy events

CMA House of Delegates Meeting in Anaheim (October)
UC Davis representatives have the opportunity to work with CMA leaders during the annual meetings to get an understanding of how legislative priorities are set for the upcoming year.

AMSA Lobby Day (January)
UC Davis students have an opportunity to lobby at the State Capitol. This is valuable for first-time lobbyers to get an experience of meeting with people at the capitol.

AMA Lobby Day in Washington DC (February)
UC Davis representatives can attend the AMA’s legislative leadership day in Washington DC. Students will learn about national healthcare policy issues and have the opportunity to meet with members of Congress.

CMA Leadership Day (April)
UC Davis representative can attend and participate in the CMA’s annual legislative leadership day. Students will learn about the current policy challenges facing physicians and patient in California and have the opportunity to lobby legislators with California physicians.

AMA Annual Meeting (June)
UC Davis representatives have the opportunity to attend the AMA’s annual meeting and gain and understanding of national health policy issues. They will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion on the advocacy priorities for the AMA at a national level