Student Profiles

 Mendoza Emmanuel Mendoza 

As a future physician leader for communities of the San Joaquin Valley, I anticipate that my specialized training through the UC Davis School of Medicine SJV Prime program will enhance my ability to deliver quality health services to this region that is chronically underserved in medicine by understanding how to overcome cultural barriers and reduce health care disparities. 


Anthony Lim

My family’s difficult transition as immigrants, including all the socioeconomic obstacles to overcome, inspired me to promote healthcare equality in underserved areas. San Joaquin Valley PRIME brings the doctor-patient relationship to the forefront of medical service with a curriculum that fosters a multidisciplinary approach towards medicine which is essential for my future role as a provider, community leader, and lifetime learner. Difficulties in obtaining quality medical care and my experiences with the underprivileged in Bakersfield and abroad have urged me to seek a medical program that addresses the special needs of the underserved. The program’s focus on diversity and community will bring change within the San Joaquin Valley. I am extremely humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to serve this community in need while developing profound connections with amazing mentors and future colleagues.


Yolanda Tinajero

Through the San Joaquin Valley PRIME, I am participating in experiences that will enhance my career in medicine while learning how to become a leader and advocate for my community. The program teaches me to understand the health disparities that impact the San Joaquin valley and create ways to address these challenges. I am learning how to use the strengths of my community to improve the health of a unique and diverse population. As a SJV PRIME student, I also have the privilege of receiving part of my medical education in the region of California that is my home.


Arturo Gasga

SJV-PRIME gives me the opportunity to interact with people committed to work with the underserved. As a medical student, this is a source of motivation to succeed. From them, I will learn about different approaches to help the underserved, and will have the support for future projects and goals. SJV-PRIME will enhance my career in health services by providing me an in-depth experience working with the underserved population in the San Joaquin valley. Through these experiences I will become a prepared physician to address health disparities. This training will allow me to become the advocate for underserved communities in the San Joaquin valley.

Angel Mendoza

Angel Mendoza

I chose SJV PRIME because I felt that the collaboration between UC Davis, UC Merced, and UCSF-Fresno will have me uniquely prepared to eventually care for the patients and communities in the San Joaquin Valley. UC Davis to me is synonymous with commitment to communities and hence resonates with my values, UC Merced is an institution to which I hope to build a strong relationship given that I plan to work in Merced County, and training at UCSF Fresno during my clinical years will educate me on the specific medical needs of the San Joaquin Valley the and most effective ways to address those needs.


Nancy Rivera

Since I was born and raised in Modesto, learning the best way to serve communities in the Valley is very important to me and aligns with my goals. Being a part of the San Joaquin Valley PRIME program will give me the opportunity to not only learn more about the health disparities that plague the Valley, but will also allow me to receive the training necessary to learn how I can help address these issues. As a product of the San Joaquin Valley, I want to be an advocate and help provide care for other underserved families, like my own, in the valley that I call home.


Baljit Singh

I was raised in the San Joaquin Valley and intend to return to my community and become involved in not only providing healthcare but to engage with different organizations to improve overall health. I knew the San Joaquin Valley PRIME program was right for me because it will allow me to better serve my home and community with a tailored training in serving the valley. I look forward to all the experiences I have in the SJV PRIME program and my future career in medicine.