Student Profiles

 Andrew Davoodian Andrew Davoodian
The program focus is geared to further develop leadership ability while focusing on a vast demographic that comprises California’s backbone, the Central Valley. Furthermore, completing a joint M.D./Master's degree in either public health or public policy will be essential in preparing to effectively address inevitable public health matters with appropriate policy


 Muminder Dhaliwal

Muminder Dhaliwal
Creating and leading a scribe program in the culturally diverse San Joaquin Valley exposed me to the harsh realities of healthcare; I have directly witnessed the devastating impact limited access to primary and preventative care has on the Valley’s underserved populations. The San Joaquin Valley suffers from a severe shortage of primary care doctors and specialists. The 16% unemployment rate, double the national average, is a large contributor to the community's consistently high number of uninsured individuals. Working on the frontlines has made me want to create a shift in how care is provided with continuity in the San Joaquin Valley, which made it easy to choose the San Joaquin Valley PRIME Program. I believe my participation in the program will allow me to better enhance my knowledge and understanding of the specific issues affecting the San Joaquin Valley, and therefore allow me to work more effectively with the patients and communities I wish to serve.

  Karina Juarez

Karina Martinez Juarez
I was raised in the San Joaquin Valley since the age of two in the small town of Empire, CA. Growing up in the small rural town of Empire, in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I experienced the limitations of accessing healthcare due to socioeconomic status and in my clinical work I saw the unique stories and struggles of patients from all walks. My youth was spent witnessing reactive medicine in my family and migrant workers. Inspired by the hopes of servicing and advocating for the unique needs of the underserved San Joaquin Valley population San Joaquin Valley PRIME seemed like a great opportunity to do so! 

 Filmon Mehanzel

Filmon Solomon Mehanzel
I chose San Joaquin Valley PRIME because I wanted to be an advocate for healthy communities in the Valley. I understand the growing need for health professionals for one of the largest medically underserved populations in the state and I would like to fulfill that need. The Valley has been my home for the last decade and I take great pride in being part of its next generation of physicians and community leaders.


Kristine Camille (KC) Leyba Ongaigui
UCSF-Fresno is very dear to me as a Fresno native and an alumnus of the Summer Biomedical Internship program. After learning about the SJV-PRIME program while working with Dr. Paul Mills at UCSF-Fresno, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. The program will provide me with the opportunity to stay close to home to help care for my grandmother, while pursuing my professional goals of addressing the health issues important to my hometown. I am drawn to the increasing overlap between technology and medicine, and I think that underserved Valley communities could greatly benefit from advances in telemedicine, electronic health records, and the web/mobile health movement.

Rueda Randell Rueda
I want to give back to the region that I have called home for more than a decade and the region I plan to call home for the rest of my life. The Central Valley deserves a strong set of fully-qualified, fully-serving physicians and I want to be one of them.
 Fernando Rios Fernando Rios
Coming back to the San Joaquin Valley after living in New York for four years really felt like being back home.  I want to be part of the team of doctors that is truly committed to improving quality and access to health care in the San Joaquin Valley.
 Luis Fernanda Valenzuela-Riveros Luisa Fernanda Valenzuela-Riveros
I chose the San Joaquin Valley PRIME program because it will allow me to gain firsthand experience working with communities of the Central Valley and to learn the best ways to serve them.  I saw SJV PRIME as an opportunity to participate in community engagement programs. In addition, I want to receive extra training that would provide me with the knowledge and background necessary to develop similar initiatives to improve the health of the San Joaquin Valley.
 Miguel Ruvalcaba Miguel Ruvalcaba
When I first heard about SJV PRIME, I knew it was the program for me. Its goals of helping the underserved region that is the San Joaquin Valley are so perfectly aligned with mine that it was an easy choice.
 Joey Trujillo Joseph "Joey" Trujillo
I chose this program because our interest to provide high quality and equitable health care to medically underserved communities in the San Joaquin Valley corresponds. This program will train me to serve the needs of those people without adequate health care resources. Although some may not value the Central Valley, it is my home and I believe giving back to my community and communities in need are important.