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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

Class of 2015

Kelly Fujikawa Kelly Fujikawa
 I was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. While my academic and professional pursuits have led me out of the San Joaquin Valley temporarily, it has always been my intention to return home to give back to the community. The San Joaquin Valley holds unique challenges and thus participating in a program such as SJV PRIME offers an unparalleled opportunity to train to become better physicians, advocates and leaders specific to this region. The decision to enroll in the SJV PRIME program was an easy and natural decision given my background and goals.
Morales Agustin Morales
I chose SJ Valley PRIME because I believe in the mission to serve underserved communities. I look forward to making a difference from the start of my medical education. I want to bring in resources for families and work hard to help improve community health in the Valley.


Sidra Suess
Loyalty towards the valley is what motivates me to be a part of SJV PRIME. I have been here nearly my entire life, and we have shared the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have witnessed the valley’s positive attributes, but also acknowledge there are many areas in need of improvement. Many of these potential improvements concern health disparities, which inspires me to commit to providing genuine care to the valley’s diverse population. I grew up in the valley without stable access to health care, so it’s no surprise to me that one out of four people here experience the same unfortunate circumstance. Often, we neglect the underlying issues and preventive measures that are important in maintaining longitudinal health. However, with the help of SJV PRIME, I can focus on these areas of improvement, and make a lasting contribution to my community.


Christina Thabit
I decided to join the San Joaquin Valley PRIME program to give back to the place I consider my home. When I applied to medical school, this PRIME program seemed to be designed for someone with my exact background.  If this program had not existed, I have no doubts that I would make a difference by eventually practicing medicine in the central valley. However, Dr. Meyers and the supporters of the program understand the special health care needs of the valley. They know that California needs physicians that are willing to make the valley their home. We also need physicians that are willing to lead a team to conquer the problems of access, education, and trust that the people desperately need. I joined the program in hopes that these problems will be addressed. Hopefully, students in the PRIME program are able to inspire California’s children to also pursue an education in healthcare. In the end, I am grateful that this program chose me; but I hope I am able to give back to the community that raised me. This is why I joined!