All students must take and complete their USMLE Step 1 exam on or before the Friday immediately prior to the start of Transition to Clerkships (T2C) course. Exceptions can only be granted by CSP. The only exceptions that will be granted by CSP will be based on:

  1. Medical/personal reasons, for which documentation from the student’s healthcare provider will be required, or
  2. Student’s risk of failure in the Step 1 exam, based on their academic performance history.
    1. This is a student-driven process, which means that it is up to each individual student to request an exception from CSP if they are concerned about their ability to pass the Step 1 exam.
    2. All such requests will need to be made to CSP by February 15th of the Year 2 curriculum at the latest. 
    3. If approved by CSP, students will, at most, be permitted to defer only ONE clerkship and will be expected to take and complete the Step 1 exam before the start of the next clerkship/required course.
    4. Students still need to participate in T2C, Doctoring 3 and Longitudinal Clerkships.
  3. All students need to have passed the USMLE Step 1 exam within one year of the end of the pre-clerkship curriculum.

Note: Students who defer a clerkship will be accommodated into the 3rd year clerkships during their 4th year in a sequence that is logistically feasible (to be determined by the OME, IORs and Curriculum Managers) and not necessarily in the same sequence as the students were originally enrolled.