Developing a 20-20 Vision for Medical Education at UC Davis School of Medicine

The Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) is engaged in an exciting and comprehensive effort to re-envision and renew our curriculum to better prepare our graduates for the practice of medicine in the 21st century.  

This is a multi-phased effort that will extend over the next several years, and require the active involvement of our entire educational community.

Phase 1:  Curriculum review and foundational recommendations (Completed)

Phase 2:  Input from faculty, students, and staff (In progress)

Phase 3:  Refinement and adoption of foundational recommendations (To be determined)

Phase 4:  Curriculum design (To be determined)

Phase 5:  Phased implementation of the new curriculum (To be determined)

This website is a vehicle for disseminating information as the process goes forward, and gathering input from stakeholders along the way.