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M.D. Program

M.D. Program

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May 2015:
Medical Student Die-In: A Reflection on Racial Bias in Health Care

September 22, 2014:
UC Davis clinic serves the uninsured in Sacramento for free (PDF) 

October 23, 2013:
First-year student, Diego Vargas, shares why he joined TEACH-MS


February 20, 2013:
First-year student wins Virginia Toombs, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

 October 8, 2012
$2.5 million grant boosts scholarships for UC Davis medical students


March 8, 2012: 
Dr. Mark C. Henderson, Caitlyn Meltvedt-Cao, Dr. Tonya Fancher, Dr. Jann Murray-García, "
Harm Reduction Services, Hmong Women’s Heritage Association, and Sacramento Food Bank receive 2011 Dean’s Team Award for Excellence in Education."

February 9, 2012: 
"Dr. Jann Murray-García receives the Chancellor’s Achievement Award for Diversity and Community" (intranet) 

December 1, 2011: 
"Dr. Erik Fernandez y García ranks among the Best Pediatricians in America" 

October 15, 2011: 
"Dr. Jorge García receives the Rick Gonzales, Sr. Award, the highest community recognition from the Yolo County Mexican American Concilio."

 August 25, 2011: 
"The Summer Institute on Race and Health student, Heather Barnes, receives 2011 "30 Under 30" Award "
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July 7, 2011: 
The Summer Institute on Race and Health students participate in Nurse Care-Alongs with bedside nurses at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis. 
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Summer Institute on Race and Health
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March 1, 2011: 
"Dr. Tonya Fancher gives an overview of TEACH-Residency and TEACH-MS Programs"