1. Provide a leadership role in quality assurance and implementation
  2. Reduce medical errors and improve patient safety by
    • Decreasing regional variation through the implementation of a shared baseline for the management of various disease processes based on most recent evidence and current best practice
    • Being intimately involved in the development and deployment of an electronic medical record
    • Facilitating and emphasizing communication across a spectrum of environments and health care providers
  3. Provide outstanding education/mentoring to medical students and residents on principles of hospital based medicine
  4. Develop and implement quality improvement initiatives for the UC Davis Health System

Program characteristics

  • 24-hour per day availability for evaluation of admissions from emergency room as well as outside referrals of patients
  • 24-hour per day in-house availability to address ongoing needs of our patients
  • Immediate, easy access to our medical staff and primary care locations for hospital referrals
  • Participate in both faculty-only services and traditional inpatient teaching medical-ward services
  • Familiar and consistent approach to medical care
  • Providing continuity of care for hospitalized patient as well as consistent communication to the patient's primary care provider
  • Efficient, compassionate, high quality medical care

Section of Hospital Medicine Team

Mithu Molla, M.D. - Section Chief
Lia Africa, M.D.
Joanna Baginski, M.D.
Runalia Bahar. M.D.
Anthony Bhe, M.D.
Ru Cai, M.D.
Michael Chew, M.D.
Catherine Chia, M.D.
Shelley Choi, M.D.
Wendy Chu, M.D.
Anna Dahov, M.D.
Gerald Diaz, M.D.
Theresa Duong, M.D.
Jennifer Fan, M.D.
Emily Marquet, M.D.
Hasmik Minasyan, M.D.
Madina Mohammadi, M.D.
Shaheen Najafi, M.D.
Daniel Okamoto, M.D.
Rogelio Pinon-Gutierrez, M.D.
Brenda Ruvalcaba, M.D.
Maha Sami, M.D.
Lucy Shi, M.D.
Samantha Siegel, M.D.
Eric Signoff, M.D.
Voltaire Sinigayan, M.D.-Vice Section Chief
Monica Srivastava, M.D.
Lionel Tan, M.D.
Tianyi Wang, M.D.
James Nicholas Welch, M.D.
Nasim Weigley, M.D.
Clara Yang, M.D.

Cristina Cruz
Hospitalist Section Office Coordinator

Tel: 916-734-7506
Fax: 916-734-7924