Kohl's Buckle Up to Grow Up - Water safety

Every year in Sacramento someone drowns in one of the area’s rivers or lakes.  In an effort to reduce these types of drowning among children, a Sacramento County ordinance requires all children 13 and under to wear an approved flotation device in all Sacramento County public water ways. 

Keeping kids swimming safely in open water requires constant adult supervision and a life jacket that fits correctly. Make sure your child is wearing the right jacket before they get in the water (PDF).

The Kohl’s Buckle Up to Grow Up life jacket safety program focuses on increasing the use of life jackets among children by providing comprehensive and pro-active water safety education and resources to the community. The UC Davis Trauma Prevention Program and Kohl’s Cares are working to prevent water-related injuries in Sacramento County and surrounding areas. Similar to our helmet safety programs, the Kohl’s Buckle Up To Grow Up Water Safety Centers allow parents, teachers and neighbors to take an active role in childhood safety by providing education and free life jackets to children in their community.
Schools and community centers that would like to become a Kohl’s Buckle Up To Grow Up Water Safety Center are asked to complete a brief education and fitting instructional course.   For more information on how to become a Water Safety Center contact Krystal Anaya at 916-734-9798.

For additional water safety resources or to find out more about the Kohl’s Cares for Kids program please visit:




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