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Health Informatics

UC Davis Health Informatics Graduate Group Committee Information

Executive and Membership Committee

Purpose:  Charged with the management of the Graduate Group.  The Executive Committee also serves as the Membership Committee.  Duties include the following:

  • Approval of new members and review of continuing members for retention in the group.
  • Recommendation of theadmission of new students to the Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Approval of curriculum changes as recommended by the Groups's Educational Policy Committee
  • Addressing other issues as needed by the Group


  • Dr. Peter Yellowlees (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Walters
  • Dr. Mike Hogarth
  • Dr. Jim Case
  • Dr. Matt Bishop
  • Dr. Este Geraghty

Size:  Six members

Frequency of meetings:  Annually, or when a meeting is called by the Chair.

Admissions and Awards Committee

Purpose:  Charged with making recommendations regarding the admission of students to the program and financial assistance for students within the program.  Other activities include developing and maintaining current appropriate publicity for the graduate program.


  • Dr. Jim Case (Chair)
  • Dr. Matt Bishop
  • Dr. Don Hilty

Size:  Three

Frequency of meetings:  They currently meet via conference call as needed during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters to make admissions or award decisions.  In between meetings, they communicate via the GARD system and email.

Educational Policy Committee

Purpose:  This committee has the following tasks:

  • To recommend the requirements for the M.S. degree in Health Informatics.  These recommendations must be approved by the Executive Committee and the Graduate Council.
  • To schedule, announce, conduct and evaluate all Group-administered examinations, making recommendations to the Executive Committee on the candidates who have passed examinations.
  • To monitor the normal progress of graduate students in the Group.  Thistask includes approval of student petitions for normal progress extensions and recommendations for dismissal when appropriate.


  • Dr. Peter Yellowlees (Chair)
  • Dr. Christine Hotz
  • Dr. Mike Hogarth

Size:  Three members

Frequency of meetings:  Since these members serve as the Graduate Advisors for the group, they each meet with their assigned students individually once a quarter.