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Health Informatics

Health Informatics

Masters Degree Program

The Health Informatics Masters Degree program has been designed to efficiently provide training in Health Informatics. The program delivers advanced training in informatics to professionals who want to redirect their careers to become a health informaticist, as well as those who are interested in integrating health informatics expertise in their current professional roles.

The masters degree requirements include a mandatory research project and thesis, with a goal of producing work that may be published in peer-reviewed journals. Possibilities for projects will include research in areas such as disease management and the Internet, decision support, the human-computer interaction and interfaces, the electronic medical record, HIPAA, telemedicine, standardized medical terminology and messaging systems, security of health care systems, and the privacy of patient data.

Degree Requirements:

Total of 43 units of credit are required for the Masters Degree:

  • 15 units of required core courses
  • 19 units of approved elective courses
  • 9 units (minimum) of MHI 299 "Research in Health Informatics"