Maissa Almagati
Degrees: B.S. Radiological Sciences, King Saud University
Professional Interests: Medical imaging, human computer interaction, and how we can utilize our knowledge to enhance health care.
Background/Interests: Maissa’s background is in medical imaging. She was an intern in the medical imaging department at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After accomplishing a year of training in the hospital, she earned a scholarship to continue her graduate studies in the United States. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, cooking and reading.

J Alota
Degrees: B.S. Nursing, Biola University (1996)
Professional Interests: Leveraging mobile technology to enhance workflow processes through lean transformative principles.
Background/Interests: J recently retired from the Air Force after 22 years of service and five deployments.  He started his military career as an enlisted.  He worked in three different specialties – security forces (military police), personnel (human resources), and medical services (medic) – and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources during his 5-year enlistment.  As a civilian, J worked full-time as a customer service rep in a mortuary/cemetery while pursuing his nursing degree.  After passing the national licensure exams, J got commissioned in the Air Force and resumed his military career as an officer.  He was assigned in various nursing specialties and positions, staring as a medical/surgical nurse, primary care nurse, disease case manager, perioperative multispecialty nurse manager, surgical operations manager, chief surgical informatics officer, and culminated his military career as the director of infection control in one of the Air Force medical centers.  J also has presented combat surgical nursing at the national convention of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN).  His informatics experiences and duties include the following:  co-developed a surgical electronic health record for the Air Force, authored surgical business performance metrics, taught electronic documentation and reporting processes for the Air Force, and member of the Tri-Service Surgical Content Advisory Board.  J enjoys horseback riding, camping, kayaking, biking, running, and foil fencing.  He would like to resume these activities as soon as he’s medical cleared, especially running marathons (7 marathons, 2 half-marathons, and counting).

Nkauxue Lo
Degrees: B.S. Health Care Administration, UW-Milwaukee (2017); Minor Business, Hmong Diaspora Certificate
Professional Interests: Persuasive Technology, EMR, Radiology, Hmong
Background/Interests: Nkauxue’s interest in Health Informatics began was when she was one semester away from completing her undergraduate. Her colleagues showed her a TED Talks video, “When we design for disability, we all benefit” whom Elise Roy was the keynote speaker of this video. Elise mentioned that if society changed their mindset and designed for the disability first, we can find better solutions and designs for the norm. Texting was designed for people who are deaf yet it has become a popular thing now. With an MHI degree, Nkauxue hopes to bridge the gap between access to information as well as care and research to advance technology.

Harrison Nguyen
Degrees: B.S. Computational Statistics, UC Davis (2017)
Professional Interests: Blockchain, Interoperability, Data Transfer, Health Data Storage, and Data Engineering
Background/Interests: As an undergraduate, Harrison first became interested in health informatics after joining his friend's startup. After seeing the technology currently in use, he became interested in working with doctors to develop new software that would improve the efficiency of their workflows. In addition, he wants to understand how health data can be used to improve quality of care, specifically how blockchain technology can be integrated into the healthcare system. He wants to understand how tech in the US can be used in developing countries to advance their healthcare systems


Andy Pham
Degrees: B.S. Biotechnology (Bioinformatics Emphasis), Computer Science Minor, UC Davis
Professional Interests: Machine learning, healthcare analytics, mHealth, Data science and virtual reality
Background/Interests: Andy was torn between deciding on computer science or biology and was searching for a solid resolution. After discovering his passion for bioinformatics at UC Davis, he worked as a bioinformatics intern with the Plant Pathology department, comparing pine tree genomes and searching for plant pathogens. Then, he did a brief internship with the UCSF Immunoprofiler project, helping to analyze flow cytometry results and mapping out cancer cell populations. It was after this internship that he became interested in focusing on healthcare and applying technology to the hospital system. With an MHI degree, he hopes to marry data science and healthcare together to find solutions for patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Priyanka Puthran
MSc. Bioengineering – Imaging and Sensing, University of Nottingham, UK (2013), B.E. Biomedical Engineering, University of Mumbai, India (2012)
Professional Interests:
Healthcare Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Preventive Care
While I initially focused on understanding modern bioengineering technology relevant to the established medical device sector, I became interested in Health Informatics as it serves better in improving the quality and safety of patient care. Through work at a Health IT company in India, I became inclined towards the potential applications of information technology and communications in healthcare to overcome global health outcomes. Furthering my education with a Master’s in Health Informatics (MHI) degree at UC Davis would allow me to gain the necessary analytical skills and more firsthand research experience.

Manila Shrestha
B.S. Health Science, CSU East Bay (2016)
Professional Interests:
Electronic Health Records, Virtual Reality and Clinical Decision Support
During the last year of her undergrad, Manila did an internship at Kaiser which focused on promoting mobile health application and enabling access to online health portals among Kaiser members. Her experience helped her to grow interest towards health informatics and learn more about management and use of patient health care information for better health outcomes. With a degree in Health Informatics Manila is  interested in improving electronic medical records, data standardization and make use of patient health information for better quality and safer care.

Steven Williamson
B.S. Exercise Biology, UC Davis
Professional Interests:
Developing methods to evaluate implementation projects.
Steven’s background is as an exercise physiologist at Sutter Health. In his free time Steven enjoys running, board games, gardening and spending time with friends and family.