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Human Resources

UC Learning Center Training Resources

UC Davis Health System manages its learning via the UC Learning Center. To access the UC Learning Center, please visit

For assistance using the UC Learning Center, you're welcome to download the UC Learning Center Training Documentation guide.

This guide provides valuable information about the following:

For All UCLC Users:

  • Accessing the UC Learning Center
  • About the UC Learning Center Homepage
  • Using Search
  • About the Training Schedule

Resources for Learners

  • Registering for Learning Activities
  • Canceling Registration
  • Printing Diplomas/Certificates of Achievement

Resources for Instructors

  • Managing Rosters
  • Marking Attendance
  • Accessing Previous Learning Activities
  • Generating Roster Reports

Resources for Managers

  • Using the Exception Reports Feature
  • Accessing Self-Reported Training in Manager Mode

Resources for Training/Domain Coordinators

  • Learning Activity Types
  • Learning Activity Structure
  • Learning Activity Properties
  • Commonly Used Properties
  • Creating Learning Activities

Additional Features

Note: Additional Features may require an adjustment of your UC Learning Center Account in order to be accessible. If you require access to these features, please contact Kelly Krehbiel, UC Davis Health System's UC Learning Center Administrator at 734-2542. 

  • Register Other Users
  • Self-Reported Training

If you have any requests for additional topics to be covered within this guide, please contact the Training & Development Unit at 734-2676.

Glossary of Terms:


The following terminology is used within the UC Learning Center:

Catalog - a listing of courses in the UC Learning Center. This is shown on the homepage after you log in, and will only display Learning Activities that you have access to.

Curriculum - a collection of courses or classes, each of which is required for the curriculum to be marked complete.

Course - a learning activity that is comprised of multiple classes. Courses serve as the container for scheduled classes, and are typically instructor-led.

Class - a specific training event. Classes are typically lead by instructors, and are associated with locations.

Offering - this term generally refers to a specific instance of training, often associated with classes. This is most often used when classes have multiple dates or times scheduled.

eCourse - typically comprised of computer-based training. These are similar to classes in the Learning Center, the difference being that they're accessed online.

Kerberos - a highly secure method of authentication which is used by the UC Learning Center. If you require assistance accessing or obtaining a Kerberos account, please visit

Learning Activity - the term used to describe all types of training in the UC Learning Center. Examples of Learning Activities include curriculums, courses, classes, eCourses, and other learning assets.

Location - The physical place a class may occur.

SumTotal - the name of the vendor that provides the UC Learning Center to the University of California.