Train the Trainer Program

The intent of the program is to provide department personnel with tools/information needed to assist their employees with completing basic ergnomic evaluations. This will allow the workers' compensation analysts to address the more complex ergonomic issues and those requested by medical providers. It will allow the department and the employee to play an interactive role in the ergonomic process.

It is recommended that each department with the need for office ergonomics select a trainer. The safety coordinator may be the appropriate person in most cases. However, this selection is at the discretion of the department.

The trainer is the point of contact for the department's office ergonomic issues and will conduct basic ergonomic evaluations. Additional information can be found under Roles for Train-the-Trainer Program.

A Train-the-Trainer packet of office ergonomic information is available for the trainer to utilize for basic ergonomic evaluations. It can be found on this web site. The workers' compensation analysts continue to be a resource for all office ergonomic issues and are available if additional information is needed.