Roles and Responsibilities


Role Responsibility
  • Provide new and existing employees with a safe work environment. Adhere to union contracts regarding ergonomics
  • Ensure employees attend ergonomic classes/training.
  • Ensure new employees have a work station evaluation within one week of start date.
  • Complete a workstation evaluation annually with employees, or as a result of a workstation move.
  • Participate in ergonomic evaluations.
  • Implement ergonomic recommendations/process change orders time
Safety coordinator
  • Provide department management/personnel with pertinent information received at quarterly meetings.
  • May be selected as department "trainer" for office ergonomics.
  • Communicate ergonomic concerns to supervisor and/or designated trainer.
  • Participate in workstation evaluations, department safety meetings and training.
  • Comply with ergonomic changes/recommendations.
  • Serve as ergonomic program trainers and as a resource for all office ergonomic issues.
  • Develops training material.
  • Provides workstation valuations, advice for improving workstation design and for selection of equipment.
  • Tracks and maintains documentation.