Department Due Dates Reports in eHR

Human Resources and Academic Personnel are excited to announce a new UC Custom Report available to eHR Department Managers and Originators, ready for use now!

The new Department Due Dates report replaces the old paper-format, Department Notification of HR-Related Activity (HRET401-R01). This new paperless management tool will help in maintaining compliance-related due dates on employee records. 

Because the new report is based on data in eHR, it is paperless.  All information is “real-time” and is refreshed nightly.  You will not “receive” the report as you did with the HRET401-R01 report in the past, because you have access to view this report at any time.  At a minimum, you are encouraged to review the report at the beginning of each month. 

Additional information is contained in the attached user guide.  We encourage you to browse the features in this new report and to send us your feedback at

Please contact your assigned Academic Personnel analyst or HR Records analyst to answer any questions you may have about this newest feature in eHR, or to schedule an in-service training for your department/division.

Department Due Dates User Guide