The Investigations Unit is responsible for conducting administrative investigations and assisting departments in carrying out investigations conducted at the Department level.  The Investigations Unit provides training to supervisors and managers each year on conducting investigations and investigative report writing, as well as, providing assistance as needed.  Specialized training sessions are available upon request.

The Investigations Unit conducts administrative investigations involving allegations of misconduct, policy violations, workplace violence and hate incidents, threat assessments, and other issues.  All investigators  have received specialized training in conducting threat assessments (WAVR 21) and are members of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).  Investigative assignments are based on Employee Exit interviews, anonymous complaints, calls to the Ethics Reporting Hotline (1-877-384-4272), citizen complaints, directly from employees and departments, and other sources.
The Investigations Unit works closely with the University of California Davis Police Department, regulatory agencies, and other Human Resources units, to coordinate investigations.

The Investigations Supervisor also serves as the Workplace Violence Committee Chairperson and as the primary contact for Criminal Background Investigation related matters.

Geoff Britton
Investigations Supervisor
Mark Helms
Michael Lillie