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Human Resources

Human Resources

HR Bulletins 2010 Archive


Workshop set on Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Team Building (pdf) December 22, 2010
January 2011 Wage Increase for PCT Employees Suspended (pdf) December 16,2010
Nurse Bargaining Update: UC's Wage Proposal Ensures Competitive Compensation (pdf) December 10, 2010
Health Care Professional (HX) Unit Salary Increases (pdf)  December 7, 2010
Free Computer Fundamentals Training Program (pdf) December 6, 2010
OSHA Mandate for Tdap Vaccine (pdf) November 30, 2010
Nurse Bargaining Update (pdf) November 29, 2010
January 2011 Retirement Investment Deferral Elections (pdf) November 18, 2010
Final Open Enrollment Notice (pdf) November 17, 2010
Get a Flu Shot and be Eligible to Win an iPad (pdf) November 15, 2010
REMINDER: Open Enrollment Ends Tuesday, November 23rd at 5:30 pm (pdf) November 9, 2010
Open Enrollment for Patient Care Technical (EX) and Service (SX) Unit Employees (pdf) November 4, 2010
Health Care Professional (HX) Unit Agreement Ratified (pdf) November 1, 2010
Open Enrollment for Clerical (CX) and Nursing (NX) Unit Employees (pdf) October 29, 2010
Open Enrollment for Research (RX) and Technical (TX) Unit Employees (pdf) October 29, 2010
2010 Benefits Open Enrollment (pdf) October 15, 2010
Post Employment Benefits Forum (pdf) October 15, 2010
PEB Facts - What's Not Changing (pdf) October 14, 2010
Nurse Bargaining: Setting the Record Straight (pdf) October 12, 2010
Setting the Record Straight letter to CNA (pdf) October 12, 2010
Research and Technical Units to Receive Across-the-Board Increase (pdf) October 5, 2010
Watch the Web Town Hall on UC Benefits (pdf) September 30, 2010
Nurse Bargaining Continues at Irvine (pdf) September 27, 2010
Service Unit to Receive Across-the-Board Increase (pdf) September 24, 2010
PCT Employees Get Overtime After Shift (pdf) September 24, 2010
Slips, Trips, Falls Prevention (pdf) September 17, 2010
Volunteers for Flu Clinic (pdf) September 16, 2010
FAQs about UC Retirement Benefits/Post-Employment Benefits (PEB) Recommendations (pdf) September 10, 2010
Web Town Hall about UC Benefits (pdf) September 10, 2010
Represented Nurses Receive 2% Range Adjustment (pdf)  September 7, 2010
Job Accommodation and the Interactive Process: The Supervisor's Role (pdf) August 19, 2010
Bargaining Begins for New Nurses' Contact (pdf) August 17,2010
Workshops Related to Retirement Planning Offered (pdf) August 5, 2010
UC and UPTE Reach Agreement for Case Managers (pdf) July 26, 2010
UC Learning Center is now Operational (pdf) July 22, 2010
RX and TX Lump Sum Date Change (pdf) July 15, 2010
Employees in RX and TX Units to Receive Lump Sum (pdf) July 12, 2010
Represented Patient Care Technical Employees to Receive Step Increase (pdf) July 12, 2010
FREE Computer Fundamentals Training Program for hospital employees (pdf) July 2, 2010
Represented Nurses Receive Step Increase (pdf) June 30, 2010
Case Managers to be Represented by UPTE in HX Unit (pdf) June 30, 2010
Furlough Program ending as schedule (pdf) June 24, 2010
Training Program: 10 Warning Signs (pdf) June 18, 2010
NX Strike Court Ruling (pdf) June 18, 2010
Notice to All Nurses & Employees: Reporting to Work on June 10th (pdf) June 9, 2010
Nurses to Report to Work on June 10th; Court Stops Strike (pdf) June 9, 2010
State Labor Board Files Complaint Against CNA Over Strike; Will Go to Court on Tuesday to Stop Strike (pdf) June 4, 2010
Health Care Facilitator Program - Working with your HMO (pdf) June 3, 2010
UC Clerical Employees - CUE - Teamsters affiliation (pdf) May 26, 2010
UC Receives Notice of CNA's Intention to Strike (pdf) May 28, 2010
Training Programs: Patient Falls and Change in Patient Conditions (pdf) April 13, 2010