If an injury is work related, both you and your supervisor need to complete the Work/Illness Injury Report Form. This form stays with the supervisor and a copy is sent over to the Workers' Compensation office. This form may be used to report an injury that occurred here but does not require treatment at the moment.

Call the Workers' Compensation unit at 916-734-8377 to report an injury.

Call Employee Health Services at 916-734-3572 for appointment, after hours call same number and listen for the after hours clinic address and phone number.

Depending on the severity of your injury, is how quickly you will be seen. Employee health absorbs most injuries in a timely way. All referrals are done by our department after an authorization has been obtained on your claim.

All workers' compensation injuries are treated at employee health for the first 30 days. The exception is if you signed a letter with a different designated treater during your hire and send it to the Workers' Compensation office.

If the injury truly isn't an emergency, don't go to the Emergency Department. You should be able to receive an appointment the following day at employee health or the designated Urgent Care Clinic (Mercy Medical Group).

After Hours Clinic

The Mercy Medical Clinic is located at, 3000 Q Street, Sacramento, Ca 95816; 916-733-3333.  Urgent Care hours are Monday - Friday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Weekend/Holiday hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, located on the first floor.  This is for a one time visit. Call employee health for all follow up appointments and bring any discharge instructions from the Mercy Medical Clinic with you.

The Mercy Medical Clinic is off site, it is better to be seen there then to take yourself to the Emergency Department, even if recommended by your supervisor. The health system Emergency Department is the designated Trauma Center in the Sacramento area. All patients seen are prioritized by their injury. Be cautious of utilizing this department as not all injuries are work related and may generate a bill that you may be responsible for. An example is "Pink Eye".

It is acceptable to go to the health system Emergency Department for chest pain, respiratory distress, an extensive laceration or fractures.

If you have workers' compensation questions, please call 916-734-5435.

For tips on a simple injury, please see fact sheet called General Injury Considerations.