Asbestos, Non-Asbestos, Audiometry Surveillance Program

This is an annual program. Additions or deletions of employees for this program is provided by your department. An email notification/or questionnaire will be part of the surveillance. Appointments will be arranged as indicated. Any questions please call 916-734-3572.

Base line testing is provided to employees who work in identified departments for asbestos, non-asbestos or audiometry. Standards have been established in conjunction with environmental health and safety department. Because of protective clothing and gear asbestos and non-asbestos are not done annually, but as needed. The department manager will notify EHS if an appointment is needed.


Audiograms are annual. An employee is placed in a program based on noise exposure according to OSHA guidelines. An email notification is sent to an employee annually to ask them to call and make an appointment with the ENT clinic located in the Glassrock building. An employee without an email address will receive a notification letter from the department manager.