Manager and Senior Professional (MSP) Program

Managers and Senior Professionals (MSPs) provide leadership and professional expertise at the highest levels to major UC Davis Health units, programs, or fields of work, and are accountable for their areas of responsibility. MSP positions are responsible for identifying objectives, formulating strategy, directing programs, managing resources, and functioning effectively with a high degree of autonomy.

There are no classification specifications for MSP titles. Decisions about proper classification and MSP salary grade are based on the level of responsibility assigned to a position, comparison to similar positions, and labor market data.

The MSP program is administered by the Office of the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources. Recruitment requests, affirmative action reports, appointment approvals, and requests for stipends, equity increases and reclassifications are routed by the UC Davis Health Recruitment or Compensation units to the Office of the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for final approval.

MSP Personnel Policies

Employees in the Manager and Senior Professional (MSP) Program are covered by the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM). Most, but not all, PPSM policies apply to MSP employees exactly as written. Supplemental language specific to MSP employees has been added to some policies.  Some policies apply only to MSP employees. 

Appointment See PPSM 21 and PPSM 21, Policy Notes.
Complaint Resolution For MSP Grades I through VII, see PPSM 70, PPSM 70, Policy Notes and Exhibit A - Employee Complaint Form.

For MSP Grades VIII and IX, see PPSM 71.

Establishing MSP Grades See PPSM 36, Note 6 
Moving Expenses and Relocation Allowance  The Senior Associate Vice Chancellor - Human Resources is responsible for approving the use of university funds for moving expenses and relocation allowances.

See UC Business and Finance Bulletin G-13 - Policy & Regulations Governing Moving & Relocation

Requests for exceptions to policy should be sent to the Office of the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.

Performance Appraisals See PPSM 23 and PPSM 23, Policy Notes.
MSP Personnel Records The Office of the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor-Human Resources is the Office of Record for MSP employee records.  See  PPSM 80 and PPSM 80, Policy Notes.
MSP Recruitment See PPSM 20. The Senior vice Chancellor--Human Resources approves requests to recruit for MSP positions. The manager of the health system Recruitment unit coordinates MSP recruitments. Position description forms are available on the Web at   
Salary  See PPSM 30 and PPSM 30, Policy Notes.

A Manager and Senior Professional program position shall be assigned to a salary grade. Each salary grade has a salary range. In general, an individual salary may not exceed the maximum of the range. For exceptions, work with the Manager of the health system Recruitment or Compensation unit. 

Termination of MSP Employees

Due to the high degree of responsibility assigned to Manager and Senior Professional employees, and the uniqueness of the work requirements within the MSP program, university management must exercise judgment in determining the functional needs and resources of a department and in evaluating employee performance and conduct. When in management's judgment the needs or resources of a department or the performance or conduct of an MSP employee do not justify the continuation of the employee's appointment, the employee may be terminated.

For Grades I through VII, see PPSM 65 and PPSM 65, Policy Notes.

For Grades VIII and IX, see PPSM 67.

Vacation See PPSM 41 and PPSM 41, Policy Notes. 

MSP Titles and Salary Ranges

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To view MSP job titles, go to MSP titles on the Campus site: 

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MSP Recruitment

  • MSP position description form 
  • MSP Recruitment Planning Guide
  • MSP Recruitment Plan form
  • MSP Recruitment Report form

Probationary period

Employees in the MSP program do not serve a probationary period.  See PPSM 22.

At Will Employment

"At will" employment means that an employee serves at the discretion of the Chancellor and may be terminated at will and at any time with or without cause.

Employees whose positions are allocated to MSP Grades I through VII are not "at will" employees.  See PPSM 65.

Employees whose positions are allocated to MSP Grades VIII and IX are considered "at will" employees. See PPSM 67 and PPSM 71.

Note that all MSP contract employees, regardless of grade, are considered "at will" employees.