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UC Davis Medical Center

UC Davis Medical Center

Medical technology forum set for November 30

Event information

  • Wed., Nov. 30, 2011
  • Time: 5 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Location: UC Davis Education Building,
    Room 1222,
    4610 X St., Sacramento

Please RSVP here to attend the forum.

Free Parking in Lots 12 & 14, located south of the Education Building off of 45th St. and 2nd Ave.

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Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic

Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic

Medical Technology Commercialization ClinicFrom developing health-care applications for smartphones and stem cell-based “biological bandages” to creating medical devices and other biological products for treating injury and disease, UC Davis Health System’s Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic promises to be an important launch pad for local innovation and economic growth in Sacramento.

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Partnerships for Innovation Grant

UC Davis Health System received a two-year, $600,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) Partnerships for Innovation grant in 2010 to develop a Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic to train students to translate innovative technologies developed in university laboratories into useful, marketable products to advance patients' health. The prestigious grant is funding a multidisciplinary, collaborative partnership of scientists, educators and business leaders to stimulate economic development and build a robust infrastructure to develop innovative medical technology, as well as a diverse workforce. 

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UC Davis Health System

Join us for UC Davis Health System's Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 in Sacramento. This is the final event of the year for UC Davis’ Partnerships for Innovation project, an initiative designed for people interested in med-tech innovation and business opportunities. The meeting, which will feature special presentations on health-related technologies and the commercialization process, also enables attendees to network with experienced inventors, investors and entrepreneurs.

Now in its second year, UC Davis’ med-tech commercialization project brings together multidisciplinary teams of physicians and engineers, science, technology, engineering and mathematics students, as well as post-doctoral, business and law students, and experienced entrepreneurs. Through special events and hands-on workshops, the program teaches participants about unmet medical needs and the commercialization process, and shows teams how to advance potentially high-impact medical devices and products to improve health and patient care.

The National Science Foundation established its "Partnerships for Innovation" program to stimulate the transformation of knowledge created by research and education into innovations that create new wealth; build strong local, regional, and national economies; and improve the national well-being.

For more information, email or call 916-734-1775.