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Office of Graduate Medical Education

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

UC Davis Health System is committed to graduate medical education as a central component of its mission to improve the health of the public. Investing in graduate medical education assures that current residents and future generations of health-care professionals are prepared for California's and the nation's evolving health-care needs.

UC Davis Health System provides a supportive and challenging educational environment within which residents of diverse backgrounds can prepare themselves for careers characterized by commitment to excellence in service to others through patient care, research, teaching, and lifelong learning. Faculty offer residents state-of-art knowledge, demonstrate the latest developments in patient care, model compassionate and ethical care, and provide guidance and supervision to ensure patient health and safety.

The graduate medical education program is designed to provide residents with the knowledge, skills and values that can serve as the basis for competent and compassionate clinical practice, scholarly research and public service. Residents are encouraged to develop the capacity for self-evaluation and moral reflection to sustain a lifetime of responsible and committed practice of medicine. The educational program prepares residents to continue their own education, and to teach their patients and colleagues throughout their working years. We are committed to ensuring that they understand the scientific foundation of medicine, apply that knowledge to clinical practice, and extend that knowledge through scholarly research. In addition, we provide the experience necessary for residents to master the clinical skills needed to evaluate and care for their patients.

While each residency program is designed to meet the unique requirements of the specialty, UC Davis Health System is responsible for ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for all residents. The Graduate Medical Committee (GMEC) establishes educational policy, monitors resident working conditions (including salaries and duty hours), conducts internal reviews of each program, develops cross-residency educational programs and serves as an advocate for residents. The GMEC ensures that each of the graduate medical education programs meets or exceeds all Institutional and Program Requirements promulgated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and its individual Residency Review Committees.

UC Davis Health System sponsors:

  • 23 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited residency programs
  • 26 ACGME-accredited fellowship programs
  • 29 non-ACGME - sponsored fellowship programs
  • More than 660 residents and fellows supervised by more than 700 full time faculty members
  • UC Davis Health System is affiliated with 60 institutions that support Graduate Medical Education training programs. Listed below are the 7 major affiliates:
    • David Grant Medical Center (Travis Air Force Base)
    • Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospitals
    • Napa State Hospital
    • Sacramento County Health and Human Services
    • Shriners Hospital for Children Northern California
    • Sutter Health
    • VA Hospital, Mather

Thank you for your interest in the residency and fellowship programs of UC Davis Health System.

Julie A. Freischlag, M.D.
Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine

James Nuovo, M.D.
ACGME Designated Institutional Official and Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education