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Office of Graduate Medical Education

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Office of Graduate Medical Education
2300 Stockton Blvd., Ticon I Bldg.,  Suite 202, UCDMC
Phone: (916) 734-7797 / Fax: (916) 734-2837


Frederick J. Meyers, MD, MACP                                      734-2412        
Vice Dean
Jim Nuovo, MD                                                                   734-4270        
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Chair, Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) and
ACGME Designated Institutional Officer (DIO)
Lori B. Teach                                                                      734-7737   
Lori is the manager of Graduate Medical Education and oversees administrative aspect of the residency and fellowship programs at UC Davis, including but not limited to ACGME duty hour and program requirements.
Marcia Pereira                                                                   734-7797     
Administrative Assistant
Marcia handles a number of issues critical to residents, including credentials and processing California Medical Licenses and DEA applications. She is also responsible for visiting residents.
Kathe McDonald                                                                 734-4955  
In addition to staffing the Graduate Medical Education and Resident Medical Staff Committee, Kathe coordinates internal reviews for all ACGME-sponsored programs, and is an excellent resource for general GME issues.
Kris Singh                                                                            734-7696           
Financial Analyst
Kris is responsible for development of training affiliation agreements and GME's financial affairs. All personnel action forms (new hire, separation, etc.) are routed through Kris for approval prior to being sent to Human Resources. She is also responsible for the resident meal program.
Jennifer Cano                                                                     734-4270       
Jennifer is responsible for Dr. Nuovo's calendar and administrative assistance. She is also responsible for Ecotime, ACGME required on-call sleep room allocations, and assists in web development and maintenance.
Karrin Sawyer                                                                    
Karrin is responsible for maintaining and furthering UCDHS compliance with ACGME program accreditation requirements.  She is a good resource for E*Value related questions.
Maggie Rea, PhD
Dr. Rea is a clinical psychologist, here to work with residents/fellows. She functions as an ombudsman, conducts conflict resolution and workshops, and helps residents deal with short-term issues. She has a private office in the FSSB building, away from administration.