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Giving to UC Davis Health

Giving to UC Davis Health

Matching Gifts

Make your gift twice as nice. Without spending one extra cent.

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that amplify the impact of their employees’ personal contributions without increasing the obligation of the individual donor. Most participating companies will match employee gifts dollar-for-dollar, and some will even double- or triple-match a gift.

Our online payment system provides company-specific information on matching gifts (offered at time of payment confirmation). Please check our database or contact your human resources office to find out if your employer offers a matching gift program.

How do I make a matching gift?

  1. By obtaining a matching gift form from your company and mailing it, along with your gift, to the following address:

    Health Sciences Development
    Attn: Gifts Processing
    UC Davis Health
    4900 Broadway, Suite 1150
    Sacramento, CA 95820
  2. By providing your company with a receipt or acknowledgment from UC Davis Health that proves your gift was made.
  3. By registering your gift online through your company’s website or by phone. For company matching gift processes that do not require you to send us a form, please indicate that you have arranged a match for your gift when you send it to the university.

Please note that matching gifts will be directed to the same area of UC Davis Health as your personal gift, unless company policy dictates otherwise. Company matching gift policies vary; please consult your company’s policy for specific details.