Academic Technology Services - Academic Technology Services does everything from providing instructional technology in the classroom to collaborating with faculty on multimedia presentations to mentoring and training educators to help them meet the educational, research, and public service needs of the University.

Center for Educational Effectiveness - The Center for Educational Effectiveness promotes excellence in undergraduate education at UC Davis. We collaborate with faculty, graduate students, and instructors to implement evidence-based instructional practices and develop and explore innovative solutions that enhance learner-centered instruction.

Canvas - Canvas is the learning management system software application that provides the infrastructure for course management, delivery, and administration at UC Davis.  Canvas services and security are well supported.

Center for Health and Technology - Under one roof, the Center for Health and Technology provides medical and nursing students, physicians and many others with exceptional training, education and research opportunities. Throughout the entire facility are video-conferencing capabilities and novel design elements specifically built for technology-enabled learning and health care.

Center for Virtual Care - The Center for Virtual Care is a state of the art facility showcasing a Trauma Bay, OR, inpatient unit, 6 bay simulation area, standardized patient exam rooms, debrief rooms, conference room, student carrels and equipment repair area.  We are proud to be able to offer the latest educational simulators and task trainers to integrate into your curriculum.

Health Sciences Libraries

Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources (OSLER) - The Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources (OSLER) is a comprehensive academic support unit created to promote a culture of academic excellence at UC Davis School of Medicine.