Each spring the Grants Facilitation Team brings their multiple years of experience as researchers, authors, editors, manuscript reviewers, grantees, grant reviewers, NIH scientific review officer, NIH program officer, and patent holders to offer a one-day symposium on research grant writing.

This year’s symposium focused on the basics of getting started in grant writing and maintaining success. The continual challenges to personal bandwidth, changes in funding, and grant funding policy affect both new investigators starting out and the experienced investigators who serve as mentors.

  • finding information and help when you need it
  • what needs to be managed throughout the process: pre-submission, submission, post-submission.
  • keeping up with the new policies on human subjects and clinical trials.
  • knowing the grant mechanisms for each level of development and circumstance
  • gaining a competitive edge when writing the proposal
  • understanding what just happened: summary statements, funding lines, and the response to reviews.
  • building your personalized approach to grant writing and funding to include how to use the information in this symposium, self-review, working with a team, working with a mentor

Our May 1, 2018 symposium materials are available for download via the link below.

View workshop materials from our May 1, 2018 symposium via UCDavis.Box.Com

The date of our 2019 symposium will be announced in early 2019.