Nasim Fazel

Nasim Fazel, MD, DDS, MAS

Dr. Fazel, Professor of Clinical Dermatology, is a board-certified dermatologist and dentist. Dr. Fazel has a special interest in the medical management of oral mucosal diseases. Her background in dentistry provides for insight into the pathophysiology and treatment of oral mucosal disorders such as oral lichen planus, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, Behçet’s disease, burning mouth syndrome, and oral vesiculobullous diseases (e.g., pemphigus and pemphigoid). Her primary research interest is focused on oral lichen planus including the epigenetics and pathogenesis of the disease, diagnostic devices in translational biophotonics, quality of life measures and potential novel therapies for refractory disease including IVIG and biologics. Dr. Fazel is a nationally recognized leading expert in the field of oral mucosal disease receiving regular referrals from the Northern and Southern California area and Nevada.

Title: Professor of Clinical Dermatology
Director, Oral Mucosal Disease Clinic

Specialty: Oral Mucosal Disease, Medical Dermatology

Medical Education: University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1995-1999, M.D.

Internship: Oakwood Healthcare System, Dearborn, Michigan 1999-2000   

Residency: Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Michigan 2000-2003, Dermatology

Post-graduate Education: University of California Davis, Davis, California 2007-2009, M.A.S.

Dental Education: Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago, Illinois 1990-1993, D.D.S.

Board certification:
American Board of Dermatology, 2003
Northeastern Regional Board of Dentistry,1994

Faculty Appointments:
Director, Dermatology Residency Program, 2012-2015, University of California Davis, Department of Dermatology
Associate Professor, 2011-current, University of California Davis, Department of Dermatology
Director, Dermatology Residency Program, 2008-2010, University of California Davis, Department of Dermatology
Associate Director, Dermatology Residency Program, 2005-2008, University of California Davis, Department of Dermatology
Assistant Professor, 2004-2010, University of California Davis, Department of Dermatology
Lecturer, 1994-1995, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Department of Oral Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology
Clinical Instructor, 1994, Northwestern University Dental School, Department of Fixed Prosthodontics

Professional memberships:
Sacramento Valley Dermatologic Society, past president
American Academy of  Dermatology, fellow
Association of Professors of Dermatology
Sacramento District Dental Society
Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Society

Clinical Interests:
Oral mucosal disease

Research Interests:
Oral lichen planus
Behçet's Disease
Aphthous stomatitis
Translational biophotonics

Honors and awards:
Employee Excellence in Compassion Award, UC Davis Health System, 2015
Early graduation with highest honors, Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago, Illinois, 1993
Alpha Omega Scholar Award, 1994
Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Society Award, 1994
International College of Dentists Award, 1994
Teledyne Hanau Prosthodontics Award, 1994

Select Publications

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