UC Davis Data Explorer

  • Search 12 million de-identified patient records of the 5 UC Medical Centers with one query.
  • Complete NIH Targeted Enrollment Tables by providing counts of eligible patients by gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Increase cohort identification for the study of rare diseases.
  • Expand your study from a single to multi-site proposal.
  • Obtain coordinated data provisioning support through UC ReX.

The University of California Research eXchange (UC-ReX) Data Explorer, is a secure online system that enables cross-campus queries of clinical aggregate data from 12 million de-identified patient records derived from patient care activities at the 5 UC health systems: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego and UC San Francisco. Search criteria can include demographics, diagnosis and procedure codes (ICD-9 and CPT), top 150+ lab orders, and a proof of concept for four medications.

The output of each query from the UC ReX Data Explorer is a numeric count of patients by site that match the criteria identified in the query. The numeric count helps investigators assess the feasibility of their study idea by identifying whether there are sufficient numbers of prospective subjects within the UC system.

The sources of information for the Data Explorer are de-identified datasets that are extracted from each institution's clinical data warehouse or EMR, transformed into a common data representation, and stored in a separate, dedicated data repository at each institution. The patient information from each site is de-identified using recognized best practices.

Logon to Data Explorer: Prior authorization and training required (see Request Access page).  You will need to be on the UC Davis network or VPN.