• Clinical Research Guidebook
    This compendium of UC Davis processes and administrative procedures is available in a printed format or online. The Guidebook follows clinical research process maps and provides step-by-step assistance in an easy-to-follow, at-a-glance format. A supplemental checklist bridges the Guidebook and process maps to serve as a tool for those who wish to track their process through a study. This resource is highly recommended for all members of the research team.
  • Clinical Trial Blog
    This online forum provides space for clinical research coordinators to share, learn, and improve clinical research at UC Davis. Post questions, comments, news and reflections about clinical research.
  • Clinical Trial Listserv
    Stay current with information related to clinical trial training opportunities, updates and events by joining our listserv. E-mail Rebecca Fein to be added to the listserv.
  • Newsletters (Staff Only)
    The newsletters provide monthly updates related to procedural changes in the clinical trials administrative process. The newsletters also contain clinical trials announcements, recent events and upcoming training and education seminars. E-mail Rebecca Fein to be added to the newsletter distribution.
  • SOPs (Staff Only) 
    These documents are an invaluable resource for best practices in the conduct of clinical trials at UC Davis Health System.
  • Study Management Tools
    Online access to helpful documents for study management. Feel free to use them as is or modify for your specific purposes.